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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (貞本義行) is a character designer, mangaka, and a founder of the famous anime studio "Gainax". He created most of the character designs used in the .hack games, which were adapted for use in other parts of Project .hack as well. For .hack//G.U., he oversaw the character design process. He has also created the cover art for all seven major .hack games.

Work HistoryEdit


Other ProjectsEdit

  • Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise - Character Design, Director of Animation
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Character Design, Director of Animation
  • Diebuster - Character Design
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - Character Design, Manga
  • FLCL - Visual Concept, Character Design
  • Route 20 (Manga) - Author
  • Eric Clapton's "Pilgrim" - Cover Design
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Character Design
  • Summer Wars - Character Design, Manga (art)
  • Wolf Children - Character Design

More InfoEdit

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