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In .hack//XXXX Cubia introduces Kite to an unknown and uncommon field within the game. The area is located on a cliff surrounded by trees. In the overview there is a large sea enclosed by mountains over looked by the open sky. The reminder of the area runs back into the distance. The area has an empty plain with mountains in the background. There are Oh no Melons in the field. Kite & his party revisit this field by the end of the story. Throughout the story both Kite & Cubia make numerous reappearances within the field. Helba appears in this area to tell Kite he is the cause of the network crisis in Yokohama however, Lios appears in an attempt to delete his PC. Cubia jumps in the way and is hit instead. He discovers Cubia isn't a normal PC either and plans to delete him afterward. Lios tries to delete Kite's PC a second time, however he receives an error. Their PC's are protected. Afterward Kite & Cubia gate out to find the remaining phases.

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