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Ouka, a Werewolf.

Werewolves (人狼族, Jinrō-zoku) are an elite class in The World; they were not present in SIGN or the Games, being added to the system sometime between the Twilight Incident and Legend of the Twilight. A hidden class only available through the "Class Change" system to Knuckle Masters who obtain a certain item, the Werewolf class allows its user to transform from their original class into a wolf form, and vice versa. The only known user of this class is Ouka.


The World:

Blademaster · Heavy Axeman · Heavy Blade · Long Arm · Twin Blade · Wavemaster

The World R:2:

Adept Rogue · Blade Brandier · Edge Punisher · Flick Reaper · Harvest Cleric · Lord Partizan · Macabre Dancer · Shadow Warlock · Steam Gunner · Tribal Grappler · Twin Blade


Archer · Dual Gunner · Knuckle Master · Werewolf

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