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The Golden Grunty, a rare item

Items (アイテム) are a fundamental part of gameplay in The World and The World R:2. Items are typically found in dungeons or fields, with some unique items appearing in events. Data modified by Data Drain also often be turned into items. Items usually take the form of either Equippable, Consumable, Treasure, or Event Items. Some Equippable Items, such as Weapons, and only be equipped by certain classes, though others may be equipped by all. Rare Items are a source of power, with some characters known for the items they possess, and some players, such as Mistral and Mireille focus on collecting rare items as a hobby. Other players such as A-20 focus on collecting a large amount of a particular mundane item, such as Golden Grunties. Legendary items, like the Key of the Twilight are said to exist, and tales of unique items such as Kite's Bracelet are known throughout The World. In The World R:2, Modification Materials which can be used to customize equipment are introduced. Some quests such as the Item Completion Event in The World and the Ryu Books in The World R:2 require players to collect most of the available items. Items can be traded between players, and trade is heavily utilized throughout The World.

The WorldEdit

The following is a list of items in The World.




Event ItemsEdit

Rare ItemsEdit

The World R:2Edit

The following is a list of items in The World R:2.



Modification MaterialsEdit

Event ItemsEdit

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