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    Viscosity Importance

    August 5, 2013 by Bykgulden

    BYK - Gardner

    The Importance of Viscosity

    In a liquid, molecules have the ability to slide around each other – this is called flow.  The resistance to flow is a fluid’s viscosity, often thought of as “denseness” or “thickness”, it can be thought of as a measure of fluid thickness.  So for example, honey would have a higher viscosity than water; it is denser and so it will have a greater resistance to flow.  Knowing viscosity can help in a multitude of ways;

    ·        Knowledge of your product’s viscosity is essential when determining pourability, dipping and coating properties

    ·        Viscosity largely dictates the ease of operation in any production because it helps to determine a multitude of other data. 

    ·        Viscosity is essential in field…

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