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A lvl. 1 Unison Combo Finish

A Unison Combo is a battle mechanic in .hack//Link. It is activated after the target enemy's guard has been broken and it is struck by the final hit of a combo or art. During the Unison Combo, Tokio and his partner alternate using arts on the enemy. Tokio's attacks are triggered by a bar on the bottom of the screen. The sweeper is stopped by pressing the O button. If the sweeper isn't stopped or is stopped over a black area, Tokio's attack misses and the Unison Combo ends. If it stops over a green area, his attack is ranked "Nice!" (one star); if it stops over an orange area it is ranked "Great!" (two stars); and if it stops over a yellow area it is ranked "Excellent!" (three stars).

Combo Finish

If the Unison Combo ends by the enemy's HP reaching 0 or by reaching the maximum amount of returns, a Unison Combo Finish is activated. The Combo Finish has up to 4 levels, and the level of the Finish depends on the number of returns and their overall ranking. Tokio names these strikes himself, and some if not all of them are named after moves in the game Akashic Line.

List of Combo Finishes

Job Rank Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
1 Potenda Grand Shot Jet Liner Sky High
2 Potenda Crush Mine Mach Straight Go To Heaven
3 Potenda Crush Mine ex Mach Straight ex Go To Heaven ex
4 Potenda Land of Kiss Flame Burst Crimson Rise
5 Potenda EX Land of Kiss EX Flame Burst EX Crimson Rise EX
Xth Form 1 Potendain Rock Strike Napalm Cannon Megiddo Spark
Xth Form 2 Potendain Rock Strike EX Napalm Cannon EX Megiddo Spark EX
Xth Form 3 Potendain Geo Buster Star Gazer Terra Galaxy
Xth Form 4 Potendain Geo Buster EX Star Gazer EX Terra Galaxy EX
Xth Form 5 Potendain Earth Impact DAN・GUN UNIVERSE

X Rengeki

The ranking of Tokio's returns also increase the gauge on the right side of the Unison Combo screen by the amount of stars of the ranking. When this gauge is full, an X Rengeki can be activated.


  • Unison Combo is also a name of one of Tokio's Skills in .hack//Versus.

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