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Treasure Chests are found in dungeons. They are also occasionally released from a Magic Portal, or by a monster that is defeated. With the exception of the Gott Statue treasure, treasure chests all contain a single item, usually a scroll or a piece of equipment.

A second variety, the Risky Treasure, is blue instead of the usual beige. Instead of receiving an item, opening a Risky Treasure causes a status effect to strike the character who opens it. On a positive note, this also yields a free Fortune Wire. The possible effects are:

  • The Death (reduced to critical HP)
  • Critical (critical damage from an explosion)
  • Poison Gas
  • Paralyzing Gas
  • Sleep Gas
  • Curse
  • Level down to 1 (Legend of the Twilight anime only)

Using a Fortune Wire on a Risky Treasure will transform it into an ordinary Treasure Chest, sometimes containing a more valuable item than usual.

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