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"Upside down palm trees, illegal monsters, just what's happening to this game!?"
— Tom —

Tom (トム) is a Blademaster and CyberConnect Corporation employee responsible for server maintenance who appears in the anime of .hack//Legend of the Twilight. He encounters a bugged field that was infected with a virus created by a small group of hackers. Several altered monsters attack him and overwhelm him, causing him to lose consciousness in the real world and fall into a coma. This incident caused Balmung and his partner Reki to begin an investigation that would eventually lead to the hackers themselves and a confrontation with their AI accomplice Morti.

A comatose Tom briefly appears later in the series, his character having been sealed by the hackers in a remote part of an unavailable server.



Tom's player becomes comatose.

  • Although Tom's name is never mentioned in the anime, it appears in the credits.
  • Tom's cubicle in the CyberConnect Japan building can be seen briefly as he slips into a coma.

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