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The Giant Creature.

The Giant Creature (巨大生物) is a Legendary Land located at Λ Pulsating Sea of Cloud Whale. It appears as a gigantic flying whale, and can be seen from many fields throughout Lambda Server.

The World Storyline

The body of this giant creature can be entered via Carmina Gadelica's Chaos Gate, but the purpose of this entrance is shrouded in mystery.


.hack Games

The Giant Creature was the bonus dungeon of .hack//OUTBREAK. Kite, and several of his friends traveled to the creature. Deep inside of its body they found the fearsome monster Black Death. The monster was immune to most attacks, and Kite had a difficult time fighting it. But by using magic to weaken its defenses, Kite was able to slowly wear down its health to the point where it could be beaten. As a reward for his efforts he received the rare item Golden Yasha.

.hack//Another Birth

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