A ship from the Aerial Fleet.

The Aerial Fleet (飛行船旅団) is a Legendary Land located at Δ Hideous Someone's Giant . It appears as a fleet of gigantic flying mummies, and can be seen from many fields throughout Delta Server.

The World StorylineEdit

The Aerial Fleet is a convoy guarding a giant. Several thousand years ago, an accident occurred, causing both the fleet and the monster to be cursed to wander the skies forever.


.hack GamesEdit

The Aerial Fleet was a bonus dungeon in .hack//INFECTION. Kite traveled here along with couple of his friends after receiving a mysterious email. Reaching the ship's core. they discovered the fearsome Parasite Dragon. After a long and grueling battle, Kite was able to successfully defeat the dragon, using his Data Drain to obtain the rare item Hyakkidouran.

.hack//Another BirthEdit

BlackRose traveled here along with Sanjuro and Natsume. Together they succeeded in completing the Parasite Dragon event.

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