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Sugar Mansion Sif Berg

Sugar Mansion Sif Berg (糖蜜の館 シフ・ベルグ, Tōmitsu no Kan Shifu Berugu, lit. "House of Molasses Sif Berg") is a Lost Ground located at Θ Hidden Forbidden In Heat.

The World R:2 Official StoryEdit

Sif Berg is where the three goddesses who control desire in The World reside. By opening and closing the door of the storehouse, they increase and decrease the amount of desire in the world.

Epitaph of the TwilightEdit

The role of Sif Berg in the Epitaph of the Twilight is unknown.


.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

Piros the 3rd confronts Haseo here for a second time, again confusing him with Tri-Edge, despite already knowing him.

The Tri-Edge sign in Sif Berg is also used as a 'back door' to access Moon Tree's headquarters in the event which Sakaki betrays Zelkova.


  • Sif is a Norse Goddess with hair of gold, and this Lost Ground's name is said to mean "The Golden Maidens."
  • The little balls of light trail Norse runes.

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