Sled Dog King is a Rare card found in the Breakout set of .hack//Enemy.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Sled Dog King is a very useful card, though it can only be taken out with any reliability in a deck rife with hounds and fire-element cards. With a strength of 9 and a Destiny of 5, it definitely has the power to match its To Play requirement. Like most rare cards, Sled Dog King's strength is in its Reward. By returning four Fire-element cards in play to your hand (it's ideal if you use low-tier monsters and a field card) you can play any monster, storable or not, into your portal without having to fulfill that monster's To Play requirement. The obvious benefit to this reward is the relative ease in which you can summon a top-tier monster. However, it is inadvisable to have such a monster in your deck if Sled Dog King is your only way to summon it.

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