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Skeith (LINK)
Name Skeith
Title The Terror of Death
Number 1
HP 1200
Project .hack Skeith
.hack Conglomerate Avatar Skeith

Skeith (スケィス, Sukeisu) is a character in .hack//Link.


Basic Info



  • Cross Swing: Skeith swings his wand at an enemy, sending the target flying.
  • Wand Throw: Skeith throws his wand at an enemy that continuously inflicts damage.
  • Data Drain: Skeith flies in the air and targets an enemy, inflicting massive damage to anyone in the area.


  • Skeith is fought 4 times, once in 2010, twice in 2009, once before fighting Posaune a 3rd time.


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