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The information in this article comes from a work in progress or a work that has not yet been released in English. As a result, some names may be subject to change, and the article will require regular updates as more information becomes available. In addition, it may also require general cleanup. Please discuss this issue on the talk page

Silver Knight (銀漢, Ginkan) is a character in .hack//Link.



In his appearance in .hack//Link, he is missing an eye, and his armor now has greenish-blue tattoos all over. His armor now appears closely resembling samurai armor, with his helmet horns much longer and his shoulder pads have increased length.



Basic InfoEdit




He is still obsessed with Subaru.

His Cross Rengeki is probably one of the most comical in the game. He charges at the enemy, knocking over Tokio and constantly attacks, while hearts surround him and he keeps chanting Subaru-Sama.



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