The .hack//SIGN Original Soundtrack 2 was originally released in North America with the second .hack//SIGN Limited Edition DVD. It consists entirely of the background music of the series. All songs are composed by Yuki Kajiura and several are sung by Emily Bindiger. All of the tracks are fairly slow, with catchy beats. The songs sung by Emily Bindiger are entirely in English and always fit the mood of the series.


Track Title Time
1 Open Your Heart 3:31
2 Smallest Delight 2:33
3 Labyrinth 2:23
4 In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon 3:45
5 In Your Mind 3:03
6 Bear 2:14
7 Echoes 2:07
8 Cyber-Slum 3:32
9 Strangers 2:11
10 Where You Are 1:26
11 Limits 2:35
12 Broken Wings 1:17
13 Mimiru 3:34
14 Useless Chatting 2:26
15 Secret Project 2:21
16 Say Goodbye 1:52
17 To Nowhere 3:15
18 End of the World 3:11
19 Das Wandern 1:26
20 Open Your Heart ~ Reprise 4:36


Open Your HeartEdit

Open your heart
To eternal dimension
Open your heart
For love and affection
Open your heart
Your every emotion
Open your heart
For Tears and rejection
Come to the grace
Of heaven's eternal fantasy
Come to the grace
Of earthly devoted harmony

In The Land of Twilight Under The MoonEdit

In the land of twilight, under the moon
We dance for the idiots
Ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon
We sing with the castanets
I will sing for crescent moon
Dancing with the castanets
As the end will come so soon
In the land of twilight
Now you are watchin' us outside the circle
Wanna be in the company
Boy, but you are lonely
Dance with nobody
Run away child, to your hiding place
High and loud, the sound of your bell of the
Twilight... ringing...
All alone, it rings and echoes in twilight
In the land of twilight, under the moon
we dance for the idiots
Ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon
We sing with the castanets

*The second verse is repeated several times
*The third and fourth verses are sung simultaneously

To NowhereEdit

Can you hear the calling of the raving wind and water?
We just keep dreaming of the land 'cross the river
We are always on the way to find the place we belong
Wandering to nowhere, we're paddling
Down the raging sea
Who can cross over such raving wind and water?
On the rolling boat we sit, shivering with coldness
Come by an island, come by a hillock,
It's just another place, we paddle on
Down the raging sea
But in one morning we'll see the sun
Bright shining morning dew singing
They who will search will find the land
Of evergreen
Can you hear the calling of the raving wind and water?
We just keep paddling down the sea, up the river
No destination, but we are together
In the silent sadness we're paddling
Down the raging sea
Down to nowhere

Das Wandern (The Wandering)Edit

German English Translation
Willst du immer weiter wandern?
Sollst du mein auf ewig sein.[1]
Kehr' zurück, kehr' zurück,
Zur[2][3] Frühling treu und lieb.[1]
Kehr' zurück, kehr zurück.
Das Glück ist immer da.
Das Glück ist immer da.
Do you want to wander further on?
(You) shall be mine eternally.
Come back, come back.
To the spring, faithful and tender.[4]
Come back, come back.
There's always happiness.
There's always happiness.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The grammar ist different from modern German, making it sound more poetically.
  2. "Zur" ("to" for female words) is used for the wrong gender. Correct would be "zum" ("to" for male words).
  3. The pronounciation of this word in the song rather sounds like "der" ("the", male article).
  4. A better translation would be "nice".

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