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"Baby! What do you need?"
— Rocker Grunty —

Rocker Grunty (ロッカーグソ) is a Grunty players can raise on Omega Server.

Stat Requirements Edit

  • Size: 40
  • Body Odor: 3 to 7
  • Rebel: 8 to 22
  • Brutality: -2 to 12
  • Intelligence: 8 to 22
  • Purity: 13 to 27

Food CombinationsEdit

There are many different combinations but these are just a few suggestions.

1st CombinationEdit

  • 18 Golden Eggs
  • 4 Cordyceps

Grunty Racing StatsEdit

Grunty Speed Acceleration Turning
Rocker Grunty Excellent Average Poor


  • When summoned with the Grunty Flute, the Rocker Grunty heads for the Dungeon Entrance.
  • Crim rides a Grunty that appears very similar to Rocker Grunty in SIGN.
  • A Rocker Grunty is an icon for a memory card of .hack//QUARANTINE.
  • In the German translation, Rocker Grunty was mistranslated as "Stonegrunty".
  • In the English version of the game, Rocker Gruntie's manner appears to be a pardoy of Elvis Presley.
  • If you talk to Johnny the stray grunty on Theta server, he says, "Do you know Rocker Grunty? He was the fastest of our tribe. If you meet him, tell him I said hi."

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