Rachel 2.0 is an uncommon card found in the Breakout series of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Rachel 2.0's To Play cost allows the opponent to play an extra card, which is very costly; the only way to prevent this cost is if the opponent somehow has no playable cards, which is most likely if the opponent had just played a hidden card. However, if the player uses a deck with many action cards, the long-term effects are worth it. Rachel 2.0's ability to play a hidden card each time you flip an action can help you cycle through your deck by getting your actions from your hand into play faster, allowing you to replace them while saving turns. Furthermore, some Blademaster-related cards rely on your hidden cards, so Rachel 2.0 could help to use them more effectively (by providing a replacement hidden card for Vak Crack, a new element for GiRue Slash, or playing a new combat action for Hirameki). Rachel 2.0 may be used with Sconk, to retrieve the many actions you'll be using to be replayed in a chain.

(Note: The phrase "Play a hidden card" does not mean to reveal a currently hidden card and play it. Cf text of Elf's Haven)

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