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We are not twiddling our thumbs, I assure you.

The information in this article comes from a work in progress or a work that has not yet been released in English. As a result, some names may be subject to change, and the article will require regular updates as more information becomes available. In addition, it may also require general cleanup. Please discuss this issue on the talk page

.hack//QUANTUM Complete Guide (ドットハッククアンタムコンプリートガイド) is an info book about .hack//Quantum. It includes information about the characters, interviews, artwork and a short manga among other things.


  • World
  • Character

Story GuideEdit

Story 1: Walking PartyEdit

  • SCENE01: The World
  • SCENE02: Trap (トラップ)
  • SCENE03: Dragon's Assault (ドラゴン強襲)
  • SCENE04: Dragon Buster (ドラゴンバスター)
  • SCENE05: Bounty!? (賞金首!?)
  • SCENE06: Capturing Sakuya (サクヤ捕まる)
  • SCENE07: (粉まみれの脱出劇)
  • SCENE08: (黒い玉出現)
  • SCENE09: Emergency Logout (緊急ログアウト)

Story 2: Wired PrisonerEdit

  • SCENE01: (エリ、意識不明)
  • SCENE02: (友達のために)
  • SCENE03: (個人情報)
  • SCENE04: (謎の電話)
  • SCENE05: (手がかり)
  • SCENE06: (通り過ぎるものたち)
  • SCENE07: (狙われるサクヤたち)
  • SCENE08: Compatible donor (ドナーの適合者)
  • SCENE09: Monster Panic (モンスターパニック)
  • SCENE10: Black Eri (黒いエリ)

Story 3: Worldend PallbearerEdit

  • SCENE01: (ログイン禁止)
  • SCENE02: (異変)
  • SCENE03: ()
  • SCENE04: ()
  • SCENE05: ()
  • SCENE06: ()
  • SCENE07: ()
  • SCENE08: ()
  • SCENE09: ()
  • SCENE10: ()

Ending + InterviewEdit


Character ArchiveEdit

feat. Main Character Voice

  • Sakuya & Asumi Aida feat. Kana Hanazawa
  • Tobias & Iori Ikuta feat. Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Mary & Eri Etou feat. Huzimura Ayumi
  • Hermit & Touha Tanagami feat. Ogura Yui
  • Shamrock & Reiko Saeki feat. Sanae Kobayashi

The OthersEdit


  • The One Sin
  • Magmeld (Mag Mell)
  • Troll (Multiple designs)
  • Weevil & Data Bug Weevil
  • Hammer Hood
  • Angel San
  • Meku Raptor
  • Chim Chim
  • Weevil Gargantua

Art WorksEdit

Concept and final artworks.

  • Ruins Area
  • Dol Dona
  • Limestone Area
  • Mac Anu
  • Mechanism Premises
  • Geek's Bar
  • Sakuya's @Home
  • Reiko's Space
  • Castle Attack Area
  • Emblem Cannon
  • Airship
  • Quantum Computer
  • Izumiyama Highschool
  • Office of Reiko
  • Asumi's House
  • Iori's House



-Staff Interviews-


A brief timeline from Fragment to the World R:X.

Key WordsEdit

Short QUANTUM MangaEdit

~Studying in The World~

Event ReportEdit

Goods GuideEdit

Complete Goods Guide


Blu-ray & DVDEdit

  • Blu-Ray & DVD(1~3)
  • [ANIME FES. "VS"] Limited Edition release Blu-ray & DVD(1~3)
  • Limited Edition Original Drama CD(1&3)

Other GoodsEdit

Novel & ComicEdit

Staff ListEdit

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