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Title .hack//Quantum
Number of Episodes 3
Opening Theme Song(s) N/A
Closing Theme Song(s) Shizuku

.hack//Quantum is an OVA series, part of the 3rd era of the .hack saga, and the first in the series to be licensed by Funimation. The series will consist of three episodes and is being presented by Bandai Visual company. Animation is produced by Kinema Citrus (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0) with director Masaki Tachibana (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Noir) taking charge of the animation. .hack// writer Tatsuya Hamazaki is writing the OVAs and video game and anime composer Ko Otani (Shadow of the Colossus, Blade of the Immortal) is composing the music for the series. CC2 confirmed that Quantum is not related to the CGI movie tie-in to .hack//Link.


Release Dates

Episode 1: January 28, 2011
Episode 2: February 25, 2011
Episode 3: April 7, 2011



  • Various characters from the .hack franchise can be seen during the 3 OVAs. Some of them are not necessarily the characters themselves, but rather players using similar models. Some of those include Atoli, Aina. Alkaid, Piros the 3rd, Natsume, Grein, Silabus, Gaspard, Kuhn, Orca, Wiseman. The real IYOTEN and Asta appear. Phantoms of the actual Ovan, Shino, Tsukasa, and Aura are seen. Sakuya, Mary and Tobias are modified models of Kite, BlackRose and Balmung, respectively.
  • Shamrock's Guild, Yata Mirror, is a reference to Yata's chamber in the Serpent of Lore.
  • In the final episode of Quantum, when players are seen trying to keep the infected bugs out by pinning themselves onto the gate, Orca, or a player similar to Orca, can be seen in the middle of the group. Silver Knight also appears, helping the remaining players to escape to the Chaos Gates (although it's not confirmed if that's him).
  • Interestingly, Sakuya's infected hand is her right arm, which matches Kite/Shugo Twilight Bracelet's on their right arms.
  • The episode titles Walking Party, Wired Prisoner, the Worldend Pallbearer can be shortened to WP. This may be a reference to wave-particle duality, which is a "central concept of quantum mechanics".


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