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"The Chrono Cores are mine!"
— Panzer Saika —

Saika Amagi (天城彩花, Amagi Saika) is a character hunting for the Chrono Cores in .hack//LINK.



Panzer Saika (PANZER 彩花) appears as a young girl resembling her real-life self. She sports an outfit loosely based on a German military uniform and in battle dons goggles and wields a large cannon. Her character data becomes unusable in Access 11.



Basic Info

Offline, Saika Amagi (天城彩花) is a mysterious transfer student. She wears hair pens similar and looks similar to the princess in Tokio's dreams. Excellent in both studies and sports, she soon became famous in school. Tokio is hopelessly infatuated with her, though he keeps it a closely guarded secret.


.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

Depressed after his failure to obtain a copy of The World R:X, Tokio's salvation came in the form of a mysterious exchange student named Saika Amagi. Due to her resemblance to the Princess from his dreams Tokio became infatuated with her, but with her superior skills at athletics and schoolwork considered her as out of his league until she suddenly invited him to meet her on the school's roof. When he arrived Saika handed Tokio a special copy of The World R:X, and then used it to teleport him into the game itself.



  • Saika's name was read "Ayaka" in the serialization of the first chapter of .hack//LINK, and also on some material on the CyberConnect2 promoting that release.
  • Jyotaro Amagi is Saika Amagi's cousin, and adoptive "brother."