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"What is PKing? It's culture! What is PKing? It's interaction!"

PK (ピーケー, PeeKay) can refer to two things. It can refer to the act of a player intentionally killing another player (to Player Kill) or it can refer to one who intentionally kills other players (a Player Killer). To differentiate between the two definitions, often the term PKer is used when referring to a Player Killer. Most PKs kill for sport, not for purpose.

The main character of .hack//G.U. Rebirth, Haseo is a player branded with another derivative term: PKK (ビーケーケー, PeeKayKay) or Player Killer Killer, one who specifically hunts and kills others who maliciously kill players.

Player Killing before the .hack games

In the second novel of AI buster, a few stories have PKers involved with the main characters.


Sora, about to PK B.T. in SIGN.

The version(s) of The World as seen in the original .hack//SIGN series portray PKing as being legal, but frowned upon. Although CC Corp does not actively pursue PKs, they support the Crimson Knights, an organization dedicated to maintaining order in The World. This portrays The World as being largely player-governed, a policy that many MMORPGs adhere to, at least in part.

Player Killing during the .hack games

By the time of the Games, Player Killing was removed, and CC Corp's involvement in the order of the game has clearly become more active.

Player Killing in .hack//Legend of the Twilight

At the time of the Legend of the Twilight story, PKing was restored.

Haseo 3rd

Haseo, a famous PKK known as "The Terror of Death".

Player Killing in .hack//G.U.

In the .hack//GU series, the server-side software for The World has been lost, and reconstructed from remnants of the old data, as well as parts from a new game that was in development at the time. This new The World R:2 is borderline lawless; PKs and PKKs run rampant, dominating the gameplay.

The main protagonist, Haseo, becomes a PKK in order to track down Tri-Edge, the legendary PK who turned his friend Shino into a Lost One.

The most notorious and skilled Player Killers are given the rank of Chaotic PK. These PKers are placed on a special blacklist and other players can attempt to kill them for bounties. The Blacklist is provided by a Vital Vista in the Mercenary District of Mac Anu as part of the Bounty Hunter Campaign.


  • In a one off gag in 4koma, Atoli states she must become a PKKK (Player Killer Killer Killer) in order make Haseo stop being a PKK

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