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The information in this article comes from a work in progress or a work that has not yet been released in English. As a result, some names may be subject to change, and the article will require regular updates as more information becomes available. In addition, it may also require general cleanup. Please discuss this issue on the talk page

.hack//New World (ニューワールド) is a new game available on iOS / Android.


[Main Character] Able to be a male or female of either heavyblade, twinblade, or mage classes.

Algiers (アルジェ) A mysterious girl you meet.

Julie (ジュリ) A female heavyblade.

Shannon (シャノン) A female twinblade.

Marta (マルタ) A female mage.

Rokusu Rukusu (ロクス・ルクス) A dog(?)-man mage.

Nelomie (ネロミィ) A cat-girl mage.

Haruie (ハルイエ) A girl with a long blade.

Sanshirou (サンシロー) a twinblade man

Liu Liu (リュリュ) A twinblade (ninja?) girl

Yoshino (ヨシノ) A girl of (?) class.

Rittoria (リットリア) A female mage.

Meipuriru (メイプリル) A female mage.

DD A female soldier encountered early on.

Crying Princess (泣き姫 (なきひめ)) A woman with immense power, who uses a spell that auto-defeats all opponents.

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