Nazo Grunty

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Name Nazo Grunty
Guild Affiliation Twilight Brigade
Sentence Ender Naru!
English Voice Actor(s) Tabitha St. Germain
Japanese Voice Actor(s) Atsuko Enomoto

"What are you doing? ~naru! I'm telling Master on you! ~naru!"
— Nazo Grunty —

Nazo Grunty (ナゾ★ランディ) was a Grunty raised by Ovan. It managed the Twilight Brigade's @Home in Mac Anu, and was often picked on by Sakisaka. Tabby paid a lot of attention to it, and could often be found playing with it inside the @Home. Following the disbanding of the Brigade by Shino, Nazo Grunty was most likely deleted from the system.



  • Its name is the Japanese word for 'mystery', probably due to his link with Ovan.

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