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The World R:X Name(s) Natsume
R:X Gender(s) Female
R:X Race(s) Human
R:X Class(es) Twin Sword
Guild Member(s)? Twilight Knights
Real Name  ??
Real Life Gender  ??
First Appearance  ??
Age In First Appearance  ??
Japanese Voice Actor(s) Sakamoto Maaya

Natsume (なつめ) is a character from .hack//Link.



Though this is the Natsume of the first games, her LINK design draws more from her G.U. design, given the large cowlick, the butterfly wings from that design is present here, and her hair being more of green than green-blue. Otherwise, her hair design is still that of her original design. Aesthetically, her dress is primarily her original one, though it seems to incorporate the style of her G.U. design's dress



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