Michi (美智) is one of the four hackers that are the main antagonists in the .hack//Legend of the Twilight anime.



Michi's PC appears as a small, purple-haired girl with an innocent-looking face, but dressed in a skimpy, gothic-style dark outfit. She has a wave symbol on her forehead.


Unlike her companions, Michi is very quiet. She generally just goes along with what ever the others want to do. However she is also the only one out of the four hackers who is close to the AI Morti. As the only girl, she is frequently called on to act as a distraction, using her cute appearance to throw others off guard while her friends move in for the kill.


Basic InfoEdit


Michi in the real world

In the real world Michi is a preteen girl. After a friend of hers suddenly died, she became fascinated with the concept of death, and began using her knowledge of computers to try and explore death. She joined up with the other hackers because she needed their help, but they were unaware of her true intentions.


.hack//Legend of the TwilightEdit


Michi helps her friends Katsuyuki, Hayato, and Daisuke create the "Apoptosis Virus", creating Data Bugs to learn of the nature of death. She first appeared to Shugo and his friends acting like an innocent player as her three friends "harassed" her. After Shugo and co. "save" her, Michi touches Shugo's hand and gains information on his character.

Later on, she helps her friends put Rena into a coma. As the story moves on, the four of them lure Shugo, his friends and the Cobalt Knights to Δ Dying Destroyer's Grave. Morti, the Vagrant AI, appears and begins to destroy the area and send many of the Knights comatose, including Magi. As the hackers tried leaving the area, Morti betrays them and sends Daisuke, Hayato and Katsuyuki into comas. Michi herself escapes. In the anime's finale, Shugo tries to Data Drain Morti but Michi jumps in the way. At the last minute, Morti grabs Michi and protects her, receiving the full force of the attack. In the series' epilogue, Michi is seen watching Shugo and his friends.


Michi makes a brief appearance at the tavern at the end of the Legend of the Twilight manga.


  • Michi is the only one of the four hackers in the Legend of the Twilight anime to appear in the manga.
  • In Japanese Michi translates to Doctrine.

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