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"I posted the name of that field on the board but... it's dangerous! I'm sorry!"
— Meg —

Meg (メグ) is a friend of Alph, a player who was Data Drained by Skeith. Concerned about Alph's disappearance she posted a message about her on the BBS, which attracted the attention of BlackRose who contacted Meg. She arranged to meet with BlackRose at Θ Distant Great Fertile Land, however, before that meeting could occur, she was contacted by Lios, who deleted her post and told her to stay silent. When BlackRose and Kite arrived at the meeting place, Meg refused to give them any information, stating that it was too dangerous.

Luckily, Helba was able to use her hacking ability to restore the information that Lios had deleted. The message, containing the field name Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness was sent to Kite to help his investigation.

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