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— Mecha Grunty —

Mecha Grunty is a robotic Grunty created by Dr. Kepel in Mac Anu. It appears in dungeons and fields, crashed and depleted of power. If the player powers it up with chim-spheres, it will recover and fly off, only to crash again in a different area, leaving an item behind. Saving it 50 times will allow Mecha Grunty to finally have a successful take-off, and the player will be able to obtain rare equipment from Dr. Kepel. This is only required to be done 30 times in Redemption, with a follow up quest able to take place immediately after.

Items Obtained From Mecha Grunty QuestEdit

Vol. 1Edit

  • Simple Steam Ring
  • Steam Bracelet
  • Steam Armor
  • Steam Suit

Vol. 2Edit

  • Steam Watch
  • Steam Coat
  • Steam Vest
  • Steam Battle Pod

Vol. 3Edit

  • SuperHero Suit
  • Gurah Fist


  • Mecha Grunty shares its name with the form Gruntilda Winkybunion takes in Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge.

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