Macha is an extra rare card from the Isolation set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

The ridiculous To Play cost for Macha renders its risks trivial. Since Macha requires that exactly one card be in the deck, it should be fairly easy to figure out what Macha will draw for destiny. Macha is worth four victory points and has high strength, but by nature of its cost, it can only be played at the very end of the game, and should it lose, all of the user's monsters (including those in the score pile) are destroyed, making it an all-or-nothing trump card. Its low destiny, the difficulty of actually playing Macha and the fact that other cards are worth more points makes it very difficult to actually rely on Macha at all. It can probably find some use in a Phase deck and is far more likely to actually be used in a deck that rapidly uses up cards in both the deck and hand to speed up the game.

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