Lumina Cloth houses the Arena and the @HOME of Icolo, a guild consisting of the Arena champions, or Emperors. Having no fields, the only PKing that can occur in Lumina Cloth is in the Arena. Since it houses the Arena, Lumina Cloth is frequented by players of all levels, and is an ideal place to obtain rare items through trade.

The World R:2 StorylineEdit

In the storyline of The World R:2, Lumina Cloth is the seat of power for the Teutates clan.


See Arena.

The World R:XEdit


Root Towns

The World:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dun Loireag (Θ) · Carmina Gadelica (Λ) · Fort Ouph (Σ) · Lia Fail (Ω) · Naval Monte

The World R:2:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dol Dona (Θ) · Lumina Cloth (Ω) · Breg Epona (Σ)

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