Kite's Bracelet is a Rare card found in the Breakout set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Kite's Bracelet isn't necessarily restricted to Kite, but it can only be equipped by Twin Blades, and only one instance of Kite's Bracelet can be in play at a time. Due to the fact that it requires 5 PCs to be spotted (or 3 if replacing a weapon) it may take a while before it can be played. This doesn't really matter, as the Bracelet is more of an emergency item rather than an actual weapon; it's one of the few items that actually provides no boost to the character's strength at all. The best way to describe Kite's Bracelet is as the perfect escape item. It's essentially an avoid without the downside of scored monsters, and since all attacking monsters are sent to the hand, they'll be mostly discarded at the opponent's next turn. It's best to assign as many monsters as possible to whoever is equipped with the bracelet if you intend to use its effect.

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