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Kestrel (ケストレル) is the largest of the guilds in The World R:2. The guild has over 5,000 members and contains many PKs because the guildmaster, Gabi, believes "that's just another part of 'The World'." Kuhn used to be Vice Guildmaster of Kestrel, before leaving and founding Canard.

Notable MembersEdit

Notable Ex MembersEdit



Kestrel's @Home

Kestrel has an entire field for their @Home, located at Δ Sneering Failing Empire. The Guildmaster, Gabi, has the ability to create monsters and turn the entire field into a training zone. It looks like a huge temple derived from Greco-Roman origins.


Kestrel's Grunty is Gao Grunty.


.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

During the G.U. games Haseo and Kuhn visit Kestrel to make Gabi stop the PKers that are bothering Silabus and Gaspard

The World FORCE:ERAEdit




  • Although Kestrel's emblem sports a picture of a lion (and coincidentally, Gabi's character itself), kestrel is actually a type of falcon.

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