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"The feeling of wanting to crush someone so bad, even if you like that person... Everyone has those feelings, right?"
— Kaotin —

Kaotin (カオちん) is one of the Chaotic PKs in the .hack//G.U. Games.



Kaotin is a young female PC with short golden hair and a long, princess-like gown. She also wears two small wings on her back. In battle, Kaotin wields a Lance. Like her R:1 counterpart, Kaotin's PC is almost identical to Subaru's.


During her brief appearance while encountered as a Chaotic PK, Kaotin displays a rather disturbing personality. She gigglingly claims that she feels compelled to hurt other people, even those she respects of likes as friends. Her modus operandi is to pick a target and stalk that player incessantly, eventually killing them and picking a new target.


Basic InfoEdit

Tsukio Kouda (香田月男) is a 25-year-old freelance illustrator living in Kanagawa Prefecture. Earlier in his life when he was a nameless rookie and had too much time on his hands, he started playing online games, becoming obsessed with stalking other players.



See Kaochin

.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

Kaotin is a Chaotic PK known as Kaotin in the Shadows. Haseo encounters her as a bounty. It is unknown what becomes of Kaotin after Haseo defeats her. She has very few lines and plays no noteworthy part in the outcome of the plot. Her appearance is essentially a nod to fans of .hack//SIGN.

.hack//G.U. ReturnerEdit

Group (G.U. Returner)

Kaotin in Returner (far right)

Kaotin makes a brief appearance at Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival.


See Kaochin (LINK)


  • Kaotin's name was exactly the same as Kaochin in the Japanese version of the game, but was misromanized due to "chi" sometimes being written "ti."
  • Unlike many other Chaotic PKs, she actually wields the weapon depicted in her concept art, a Lance Tower.

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