Kaoru Asaba is an Uncommon card found in the Isolation series of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

This card removes both players' discard piles from the game, making it a devastating weapon against strategies that rely on bringing cards back from the discard pile. This renders the rewards of monsters such as Hobgoblins or Cubia Core C, or the effect of Resurrect useless. The card is best used during middle to late game; otherwise, it should be used only when a monster with such an effect is on the opponent's side of the field. Since Kaoru Asaba affects both players, it is inadvisable to use this card if your own strategy relies on bringing cards back from the discard pile.

In deck construction, this card's greatest strength lies in negating negative "To Play" costs, but its weaknesses include a low Destiny number and the fact that its effect is maximized only in a very specific situation.

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  • Kaoru Asaba's first name was never revealed until her Enemy card was released.

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