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"If their anxiety and fear pass the breaking point, mass panic will erupt."
— Kaoru Asaba —

Kaoru Asaba (浅羽薫, Asaba Kaoru) is the woman that helps Yuki Aihara escape from the malfunctioning Y-Port World Center. A rather strong and resourceful woman. Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that she is a friend of Yuki's sister-in-law Miho.



Kaoru Asaba's .hack//Enemy card.

  • Kaoru was listed as "Office Lady" in the cast credits of the English version, and simply as "Asaba", her family name, in the Japanese version. Her .hack//ENEMY card gives her first name, but how canonical this it is unknown.
  • Both the English and the Japanese VA also did the voices of Helba in SIGN and the games, and Emma Wielant in the original 4 games
  • Japanese version of her family name is "Asaba", which is revealed through the book Encyclopedia .hack.

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