"My name is Jun Bansyoya. I wrote this journal."
— Jun Bansyoya —

Jun Bansyoya (番匠屋淳) was a CC Corp employee involved in Project G.U. He is Reiko Saeki's older brother.


The End of The World


Jun's private PC in The World

After Aura mysteriously vanished from The World, CC Corp hired Jun Bansyoya to be one of the leads of Project G.U. Along with Jyotaro Amagi, the other lead, he began researching the events of the Morganna Incident for clues that could lead to finding Aura. Eventually he and Jyotaro created the R.A. Plan, which was designed to create a new ultimate A.I. under the control of CC Corp.


Jun Bansyoya in .hack//G.U.+

They accomplished this plan by finding the Eight Phases of Morganna and sealing them into special characters called Epitaph-PCs. By combing the pieces of the Morganna Factor it was hoped that a new Aura would be reborn. However Jun grew uneasy as the first test of the program drew near. He feared that combining the Eight Phases would create a new Anti-Existence similar to Cubia. Not wanting this to happen he stole the Epitaph PC containing Tarvos and sealed it into his own personal computer.

However Amagi had suspected something like this would occur, and had already created a Dummy Morganna Factor to use. With Jun gone Amagi proceeded with the test. It was a horrific failure, the R.A. program crashed deleting 80% of The World's data. Amagi himself suffered severe mental injury and proceeded to set fire to the CC Corp building. Jun arrived shortly after and tried to recover what he could, but he was only able to successfully capture Magus, the other seven Phases had escaped into the system.

Accepting responsibility for the project's failure Jun resigned from CC Corp. Shortly afterwards The World was replaced with The World R:2. Watching from a distance he realized that the Epitaph-PCs released into the system were beginning to fuse with other players. Knowing that Tarvos would be needed if things were to be fixed, he sent the Epitaph PC containing Tarvos to his sister Reiko along with a diary explaining everything that had occurred.


By the time the G.U. games began, Jun had vanished. It is implied that he died shortly after sending his diary to his sister Reiko, who would continue in his place using the Epitaph-PC he had sent her.


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  • Jun has had private characters for both R:1 and R:2, but their names and classes are unknown.
  • When Pi obtains her Lost Weapon she senses Jun inside of it. However, this may have just been her personal reaction to it.