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We cannot allow irregularities such as Vagrant AIs to enter the system!
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"I have enough light. Water! Give me water!"
— Jinn —

Jinn (ジン) is a hacker who became a Wandering AI and inhabitant of Net Slum. He is also a character in the Epitaph of the Twilight.



Jinn appears as a Samurai-type Heavy Blade with missing pieces.


Epitaph of the TwilightEdit

Jinn of the Desert is a solitary sprite who watches over the sprouting of the seeds of the World Tree.


Jinn is a denizen of Net Slum. In QUARANTINE, he gives posts the keywords Ω Splendid Emerald Nobleman, where Kite is able to Data Drain one of the Virus Cores he needs to enter Δ Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar.

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