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Hokuto (ほくと) is a character in .hack//Link.



Hokuto appears as a young blonde-haired girl. She is dressed in a very revealing white outfit with a large white witch hat. In order to mask her true age, her player uses voice altering software to imitate the voice of a young teenage girl. Her appearance while playing as Yeats is unknown.


Though really played by an experienced player, Hokuto pretends to be a newbie. A skilled actor, she was able to convince Albireo that she was actually a young girl during their first few meetings. Her online personality is fairly hyper, and she has the tendency to give her friends odd nicknames. When she's around people who know her true identity she drops the newbie act, and acts like the mature woman she actually is. Hokuto was created so that Haruka could enjoy The World without worrying about running into her boss, who would recognize her original character, W.B. Yeats.


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