"I really love nice guys, you know... But, of course, you should be careful! See, if you're too nice... It could be bad for your health!!"
— Hiiragi —

Hiiragi (柊, Hiiragi, lit. "Holly") is the Captain of Moon Tree's Fifth Division, and a passionate follower of Sakaki.



Hiiragi's character is a young man sporting a Japanese-style yellow robe with a revealing top. He has medium length golden blonde hair with red streaked bangs. Hiiragi is often perceived as a male due to her character using a male model, despite referring to himself as a lady.


Hiiragi acts nice, but sometimes has a viper tongue. He has rapid mood swings, acting almost sickly sweet one moment, but can seem infuriated the next. She speaks in an especially feminine manner until he gets angry, at which point her speech turns rough and impolite.


Basic Info

In real life, Hiiragi is a fashion designer named Fumihiko Yuki (由紀文彦), who works in a small office in Kyoto. A closeted homosexual, Fumihiko originally created Hiiragi from a fashion perspective, and considered the character simply to be escapist role-play until he met the attractive Sakaki.


.hack//G.U. Games

Hiiragi met Haseo during the AIDA Server Incident when Haseo and Pi traveled to Moon Tree's @Home to ask Zelkova for assistance. Hiiragi was instantly turned off by the aggressive Adept Rogue and her dislike only grew as she watched him interact with her idol "Lord Sakaki".

She later entered the Holy Palace Tournament, after the first round she stumbled upon Sakaki who was having a meeting with the AIDA-infected Bordeaux. Unsure of why Sakaki would meet with a notorious PKer, he kept her mouth shut on the matter. During the second round, she fought against Team Haseo. Though her powerful magic proved to be a problem, Haseo was prepared for it, and was able to win the match. Angry at being disgraced in front of Sakaki, Hiiragi swore revenge. Following the fight, she came across Sakaki and Bordeaux again; this time she confronted Sakaki about it. Sakaki shrugged her off by saying he had a good reason for his actions.

After Sakaki used Innis to turn Moon Tree's @Home into another AIDA Server, Hiiragi took up arms to defend it from Haseo and the rest of G.U. She fought to the best of her ability, but was still defeated. Recognizing her as a kindred spirit, Endrance told Hiiragi that, just because she loved Sakaki, there was no excuse for ignoring his evil actions. Realizing the truth in Endrance's words, Hiiragi told Haseo to stop Sakaki, then faded away.

Much later, Hiiragi helped Haseo defeat Cubia's Gomoras at Morrigu Barrow Wall along with Matsu, Sophora, and Kaede. When Haseo speaks to her, Hiiragi reveals that he intends to stop playing as Hiiragi, and create a new PC. On the last day day of R:2, she reappears with Matsu and Sophora to wish Haseo goodbye.

.hack//G.U. Returner

Group (G.U. Returner)

Hiiragi in Returner (Mid-Left)

Hiiragi is briefly seen at Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival with Sophora, holding masks that resemble Sakaki.


Early Design of Moon Tree (2)
  • Hiiragi's Fans are named Peach Blossom, a level 60 fan equipped with critical +25%.
  • His character is the tallest Captain of Moon Tree at 6'2".
  • Hiiragi believes that there are three kinds of people in the world: men, women, and men with a woman's heart.
  • Hiiragi's Holy Palace arena team is named Glazing Love.
  • During the intro cutscene to the Holy Palace Tournament fight with her, the Commentator refers to her as a male before getting a sharp "I'll kick your ass." Afterwards, Hiiragi is correctly referred to as "she" for the rest of the fight.
  • Hiiragi uses onee-kotoba (お姉言葉, lit. "older sister speech"), a way of speaking in Japanese commonly associated with flamboyant or effeminate gay men.

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