Helba 2.0 is an extra rare card from the Isolation set of .hack//ENEMY.

An oversized version of the card was also made and given out at Gencon. Due to the limited number of people who are aware of the existence of the oversized card, it may be the rarest card produced.

Oversized Helba 2.0 beside a normal Helba 2.0

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Helba 2.0 can be extremely useful, even in a deck relying on a single element. Chances are, the opponent will have at least one or two elements different from the user's, and even decks focusing on one element should have a decent amount of other elemental cards (note though that this effect can't be used to play cards hidden). However, simply playing Helba 2.0 and being able to play a single monster or item as well is a good enough effect, and Helba 2.0 is strong for a Wavemaster. Its only true downside is its low Destiny of 2.

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