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The Headhunter is a low level monster found in The World.

In Infection

It is encountered twice as a Data Bug by Kite.

The first time, it appears in the Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, when Kite first receives The Bracelet. Balmung, strikes it down, but the screen flickers and it rises from the dead. Kite Data Drains it, and then Balmung successfully kills it in one blow. This all happens in a cutscene, however.

Later on, it appears in the final room of the dungeon in Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand. It is once again a Data Bug, and acts as the first boss fight, though as a Data Bug it's name appears as He{dhu&__er. Its attacks are a basic sword swing, and Ani Zot, a spell that makes claws rise from the ground. After Kite and Blackrose defeat it, Mistral, who had been watching the whole time, gives Kite her member address.

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