Headhunt Lord is an extra rare card from the Distortion set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Headhunt Lord is a powerful monster that is worth two victory points, has a destiny of 5, and an extremely useful Reward. Obviously, such powerful qualities must be balanced, so Headhunt Lord's "To Play" cost requires that the user be left completely defenseless, and its effect prevents any monsters from helping it. If Headhunt Lord wins its battle, it has the potential to make the opponent defenseless as well, but the user is guaranteed to have no PCs whereas the opponent may just have three wounded PCs. Thus, Headhunt Lord relies a lot on timing. Although its Reward can be devastating, it's usually in the player's best interest to use Headhunt Lord to score for the win. However, since Headhunt Lord can destroy the opponent's defenses easily, it can also be used to make the path clear for a large force of stored monsters to attack next turn, making for a rewarding but risky strategy.

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