Grunty Racing (プチグソのフラグレース), also known as the Flag Race, is an event in The World that becomes available in .hack//MUTATION.


In order to participate in a Root Town's Flag Race, all three grunties must be raised on that particular Server. Registration takes place at the Grunt Shop by speaking to the NPC in the Grunty Farm.

During the race, Kite must ride a grunty throughout the Root Town, collecting three flags. The amount of time it takes to collect all three flags determines the type of prize that will be awarded.


A one-time only special image (wallpaper) will be awarded after winning 1st Place on each Server.

Prize (1) = Item can only be won 3 times.
  For Consolation, this prize is only awarded for 4th Place that is within 1.0 second of the 3rd Place time.
Prize (2) = Received after exhausting Prize (1).
  For Consolation, this prize is always awarded for 4th Place that is not within 1.0 second of the 3rd Place time.

Θ Theta Server
Prize (1) Prize (2)
1st Place Golden Grunty Ivory Barette
2nd Place Silver Grunty Silver Scarab
3rd Place Divine Cross Yellow Candy
Consolation Speed Charm Fortune Wire
Λ Lambda Server
Prize (1) Prize (2)
1st Place Golden Grunty Stonecall
2nd Place Silver Grunty Summon Water
3rd Place Emperor's Soul Light Cross
Consolation Fairy Orb Fortune Wire

Races by Server


  • Balmung will always be the leader on each server prior to the arrival of Kite.

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