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Grunty Racing (プチグソのフラグレース) is an event in The World available to players who have raised Grunties.


In order to qualify for the event a player must first raise all three types of Grunties on a specific Server. After doing so, the Grunty Race is accessible from the Grunty Farm in that server's Root Town. During the race, players ride any of their three grunties through the Root Town collecting flags. The amount of time it takes a player to collect all three flags in the Root Town determines what prize, if any, they receive. Beating the top time gets the winner a rare Golden Grunty and a special wallpaper. Second place finishes result in a Silver Grunty, while third place is usually a rare Scroll. Getting first place on all servers has additional rewards.

Races by ServerEdit


  • Balmung held the number one time on all server's prior to the arrival of Kite.

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