Grunty Grows Up (ENEMY)

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Grunty Grows Up is a rare card from the Epidemic set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Grunty Grows Up is useful in a water-based deck that has a Grunty (most likely Noble Grunty) due to the fact that many water cards have effects involving hidden cards and can even play cards hidden faster. Grunty Grows Up is especially useful since it can score a monster that can't normally be played and increases score without even going into battle. Although using multiple copies of Grunty Grows Up is an unexpected strategy that can win the game without much effort,its low Destiny can prove to be a burden. Given the right support, an entire deck can actually be made revolving around using Grunty Grows Up and recycling copies of it, but such a deck would easily fall prey to effects targeting the discard pile.

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