Great Temple of Caerleon Medb

The Great Temple of Caerleon Medb (ギャリオン・メイズ大神殿, Gyarion Meizu Dai Shinden, lit. "Great Galleon Maze Temple") is a Lost Ground located at Θ Hidden Forbidden Sacrament. It is also called "the End of the World", and has the subtitle "A Thousand Nights".

The World R:2 Official StoryEdit

The Great Temple of Caerleon Medb's place in the mythology of The World is unknown.

Epitaph of the TwilightEdit

"The End of Land" lies past the Keel Mountains. The heroes of the Epitaph must trek through it in their quest for the Twilight Dragon.


.hack//G.U. GamesEdit

Here is where the eight Lost Weapons were sealed. As requested by Phyllo, Antares teaches Haseo about this Lost Ground. However, Corbenik's weapon was already missing from the area, as Ovan had previously acquired it. Later Zelkova sends an anonymous e-mail to Haseo, teaching him how to use Virus Cores to further power up the Lost Weapons.

Each of the Lost Weapons has a Sealed Beast that protects it, adopting a title that is opposed to its respective Phase. For instance the Beast that guards the Lost Weapon of "The Prophet" is titled "The Uncounseled".


  • "Caerleon" means "Fort of Legions", and "Medb" means "mead".
  • With one room for each phase, Caerleon Medb is the second largest Lost Ground in terms of accessible space, after the World of Sin Ran Hati.
  • Caerleon Medb seems to sit within the depths of the Avatar Space, which would explain why the rooms are only accessible to the Infinity Eight.

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