Gott Statue is a Rare card from the Contagion set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Gott Statue allows the user to play two item cards in one turn, and can be used to play a Lv. 1 or 2 item (and use its effect), then immediately sacrifice the item to play a Lv. 3 or 4 item. This card is especially useful for speeding up the game in a deck that needs high-level items, whether they are used for their own effects or to power up Long Arms, which usually need to beat attacking enemies to activate their effects. Since its Destiny is 5, using multiple copies of it in a deck effectively balances a Heavy Axeman deck, since it balances their often low Destiny values and plays to their strengths (being able to equip the strongest items in the game).

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