Golden Grunty is a premium card from the Epidemic set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Golden Grunty's To Play requirement isn't very difficult at all to pull off in any deck, and it's especially useful in any item-heavy deck. The ability to instantly power up any PC with items and a (potentially) stronger version of itself saves a lot of time; its effect could also be used to equip a PC with a Lv. 1 or 2 item and immediately sacrifice it to bring a Lv. 3 or 4 item into play. The drawback is the rarity of the exact situation in which Golden Grunty is most useful. Make certain to properly gauge how likely the right combination of cards will show up before adding it to a deck.


  • Golden Grunty was only available in starter decks for the Epidemic set. It cannot be found in booster packs.

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