Goil Menhir is a promo card found in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Goil Menhir is difficult to play, as it requires three of your own PCs to be on the field and each of them carrying a weapon. Thus, in order for Goil Menhir to be playable, you need to have spent several turns building a defense. However, Goil Menhir is best used when launching on offense, thus it is at maximum effectiveness late in the game.

Goil Menhir has no Reward, but it has a very helpful effect. Its effect allows you to bring any other monster currently in the portal to attack, greatly strengthens it, and, if it wins, allows you to use its Reward twice. Obviously, to maximize Goil Menhir's effect, it needs to be played when a monster with a good Reward is already stored in the portal. A good monster to use would be one with an effect that destroys monsters, which would stop the opponent's attack and maybe reduce score. Goblins are another good choice, as they can destroy items, weakening the opponent's defenses.

This card was available from the Contagion First Tournament Weekend Oct 2003

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