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Goblin Tag (鬼ごっこ) is an event in The World and The World R:2. In the event players attempt to catch one or more special Gold Goblins. The player's goal is to either kill or hit the goblin. The goblins all cast Rig Seam on themselves if the player gets too far away. To distinguish them from regular Goblin Monsters, each of the Gold Goblins has their own name, and personality. The Goblins are:

  • Stehoney, the newest and weakest member of the Golden Goblins. He is always the first goblin the player faces, and is the least challenging.
  • Jonue, the second Golden Goblin and the first real member of the Golden Goblin squad. Though he is stronger than Stehoney he is still fairly weak and easy to catch.
  • Zyan, the third Golden Goblin. Zyan distinguishes himself by being a workaholic obsessed with physical strength. He sometimes appears alongside the fourth Golden Goblin, Albert.
  • Albert is the fourth Golden Goblin, and the second in command of the Golden Goblin squad. Though he is sometimes paired with Zyan, he is able to function fine on his own.
  • Martina, the fifth Golden Goblin and the only female goblin in the group. As the leader of the Golden Goblin squad she leaves most of the work to her minions, but when faced with a serious threat she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. The most powerful of the Goblins, defeating her can be quite a challenge.

The WorldEdit

You check the BBS and you get the goblin's name and area keywords. There are different ones for each server and each time you kill one you get a piece of an equipment. When you kill all of them, you get the ability to summon a goblin during battle when you have all of the pieces of armor equipped.

The World R:2Edit

In The World R:2, Goblin Tag is a quest, and instead of running to catch the goblins, a player rides his or her Steam Bike.

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