Gob Machine is a Rare card from the Isolation set of .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Gob Machine might as well be called the Gob King, because it has the highest potential strength out of any Goblin, or most monsters for that matter, and even maintains the maximum Destiny of 5. Although its cost is very high, requiring four sacrificed monsters, its strength and effect are well worth the cost. The hard part is actually fulfilling its four-monster cost and still keeping at least three scorable goblins in the portal. Thus, to achieve its full potential, Gob Machine requires a lot of prior support, which may rely on also bringing Goblins directly from the discard pile to the portal. Use of the Goblin Items may actually prove useful in this regard. With at least seven Goblins (though the monsters used for sacrifice need not actually be Goblins), the Gob Machine will have a raw strength of 13 and can score four monsters (itself included) in a single battle.

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