Ginkan is a promo card found in .hack//ENEMY.

Tips and StrategiesEdit

Ginkan is unique in that, unlike other level 1 PCs, it has 2 strength and has an effect that makes him weaker. Basically, Ginkan has an added boost against single enemies, but is worse off when ganged up. Thus, it's best never to rely on Ginkan alone; play another PC ASAP, or don't play Ginkan until you have another PC in play. That way, his strength can be maximized by assigning multiple monsters to other PCs and assigning only one against Ginkan. His drawback can also be neutralized by Balmung 2.0, who would replace the missing destiny, or Mia/Mia 2.0, who would make it less likely that Ginkan faces multiple monsters.

As Ginkan is a knight, he is beneficial to the effect of Salu 2.0

This card was obtained as a retail incentive Oct 2003


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